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Tennessen Notice




  3. Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Chapter 13) protects your right to privacy.  As a result, you must be told:

    • The purpose and intended use of information;
    • Whether you may refuse or are legally required to supply data;
    • The consequence for refusing to supply the information; and
    • The identity of others who may receive the information.

    Data in your file must be classified as public (anyone can see); private (you can see); or confidential (you cannot see).  Most of the data in your file will be private information.  Although some information is public for adult matters, juvenile matters in general, are not public. 

    Why the Information we request is needed 

    The information requested is needed for court-ordered investigation reports and/or for probation supervision. 

    How the Information will be used 

    The information you provide may be verified by contacting other persons and/or agencies. The information may be used for the following purposes: 

    • Background information for the Court to determine disposition in your case;
    • To establish a set of probation rules to follow;
    • For case referral, evaluation, placement or treatment
    • Collection of statistical or research data
    • Provide information to law enforcement, Department of Corrections and Family Services.
    • To determine if a probation violation will be filed with the Court.

    Can I refuse to provide the Information 

    You are legally required to supply the requested information.  If you refuse, the Court will be informed and will take appropriate action. You do, however have the right to exercise your Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent, in situations where you may have committed a crime. 

    The identity of others authorized to receive the Information you provide 

    Those persons and agencies that have access to your file include: 

    • Those within the criminal justice system whose work assignment requires it (Court Services, the Court, County Attorney, Your attorney and/or Guardian ad Litem);
    • Other persons or agencies upon Court order;
    • Persons with your written consent; or
    • Others that may be permitted by law.

    Record Retention 

    Adult misdemeanor files will be destroyed 6 years after the person’s date of discharge from Probation or expiration of their sentence.  

    Request for Data 

    An Information Disclosure Request form is available should you request data in your file. 

    The Probationer has been provided with a copy of this statement, and a copy has been placed in their Probation file. 

    By typing my name below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand this Tennessen Notice and I agree that my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my handwritten signature. I provide my consent that I am the signatory on this document. For my records, I acknowledge that I may print my own hard copy of this document or obtain one from my Probation Agent.  

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