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Isanti County Parks Picnic Shelter Reservation Form

  1. Isanti County Parks Picnic Shelter Reservation Form
  2. The Isanti County Parks Department picnic shelters can be reserved for your group on a first-come, first-served basis during regular park hours between 6:00am to 10:00pm.
  3. Irving and John Anderson Park

    Irving & John Anderson County Park Shelter Seats 50 Fee $55 / 4 hours

  4. Becklin Park

    Becklin Homestead County Park Shelter Seats 30 Fee $55 / 4 hours

  5. Springvale Park

    Springvale County Park Shelter Seats 16 Fee $55 / 4 hours

  6. Vegsund Park

    Vegsund Family County Park Shelter Seats 40 Fee $55 / 4 hours

  7. Wayside Park

    Wayside Prairie County Park Shelter Seats 24 Fee $55 / 4 hours

    • Park hours and shelter use is permitted from 6:00am to 10:00pm.
    • Please make your reservation at least 10 days before your event.
    • Isanti County reserves the right to not allow a reservation.
  8. Alcohol will be present at this event:*
  9. Indemnification of the County: The reservation Permittee shall be responsible for any and all damages to property or injury to persons arising out of the exercise of the shelter reservation and the Permittee shall hold harmless the county and all its agents and employees from all suits, actions or claims of any character, name and description brought for person or property on account of the exercise of the permit or action or omission of the Permittee there under, his agents or employees or on account of the failure of safety of the public. The Permittee shall defend against any such suit, action or claim and pay any judgment, with costs, which may be obtained against the county growing out of such injury or damages.

    A copy of the Isanti County Park Ordinances is available for review by the Permittee.

    In reserving a picnic shelter, I agree to assume the responsibility of having all members of my group adhere to the Isanti County Park Ordinance. I UNDERSTAND THAT VIOLATIONS OF COUNTY REGULATIONS WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE REVOCATION OF THE PERMIT.


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  11. Payment is required when making the reservation. Payment may be made in cash or check.

    Isanti County Parks Department – 555 18th Ave SW – Cambridge, MN 55008

  12. Phone: 763-689-8220 Email: [email protected]

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