What special programs may lower your taxes?

Property Tax Refund

This program, administered by the Department of Revenue, provides for two types of refunds.


  • For homeowner's or renters whose property taxes exceed a specified percentage of household income. 
  • For homestead properties where the property tax increase exceeds 12%, and said increase is $100 or more. 

Applications are due by August 15 to the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral

This program allows people 65 years of age or older, whose household incomes are $60,000 or less, to defer a portion of their homestead property taxes. The deferred taxes accrue as a lien on the property and are due within 90 days after the property is sold, transferred, or no longer qualifies as a homestead. 

Applications are due by August 1 to the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Seasonal Recreational Credit

This program provides for an income tax credit on seasonal properties where the property taxes have increased more than 10% and the amount of the increase is $100 or more. The credit equals 75% of the first $300 of tax increase in excess of 10%. Minnesota property owners may claim this credit on their income tax return in the year after the property tax was paid.

Disability Homestead

Homestead property owners who are legally blind, permanently and totally disabled, or paraplegic veteran's exclusion are eligible for a reduced tax rate on a portion of the value of their property. In some instances, there are income requirements that must be met to qualify. 

Contact your assessor for more information.

Disaster Relief

Homestead and non-homestead property may be eligible under this program for a maximum of 12 months of property tax credit where at least 50% of the structure(s) has been accidentally destroyed by fire or natural disaster. The credit is for the full calendar months that the property is not usable. Property owners should notify their assessor when the disaster occurs and then apply for the credit at the time they begin reuse of the property in Isanti County.


For more information please contact the Assessor at 763-689-2752.

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