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One of the most significant problems that emergency responders face is that the majority of homes do not have their current address displayed, or properly displayed, so that emergency responders can readily see them. We are fortunate to have a good addressing system in Isanti County. With our E-911 system, emergency responders may know what your address is, but locating a residence where the address is not prominently displayed can be difficult, take valuable time, and may have serious and tragic results in situations where seconds count.

Giving the E-911 dispatcher detailed directions is very helpful, but keep in mind that in some cases there are response units from different agencies and that they may be dispatched through different dispatch centers. In cases where a residence is not properly marked, having to repeat the directions multiple times to assist emergency response units in locating an address can delay the arrival of emergency response units. Fire numbers may help, but addresses are a more efficient, standardized way to locate your residence. Remember that fire numbers are no longer being issued to new residents in Isanti County and often times existing fire numbers have either been removed or are difficult to see or read.

Having your address displayed on both sides of your mailbox, at the end of your driveway, or on the house itself, in large easy to read numbers makes it easier for emergency response units to locate your residence. In the event that your mailbox is not near your residence, or in a location where multiple mailboxes are located, displaying your address in a location that identifies your residence (at the end of your driveway, or on the house itself) is extremely helpful in getting help to you or a loved one in an emergency.

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