How do I get a license?
  • Contact Isanti County Family Services Licensing to register for orientation.
    • There is no cost for the orientation class, however there is a small fee for the orientation binder that contains all the information necessary to be licensed.
    • At orientation, an Isanti County Family Services Licensor will cover licensing rules and child care practices as well as go through all required paperwork and training requirements.
  • Submit completed application and background check request.
  • Pay initial licensing fees.
  • Complete required paperwork, training, and any changes necessary to your home for safety.
  • Schedule home visit.
    • Licensor will review all paperwork and training.
    • Licensor will inspect your home for safety.
  • When all required paperwork and background checks are completed and your home has passed inspection, the licensor will recommend Minnesota Department of Human Services issues you a license.

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