Marriage License

You can apply for a marriage license in any Minnesota county, regardless of where you live. Your wedding ceremony must take place within the State of Minnesota and must happen within 6 months from the date of issuance.

Application Requirements

  • Complete the marriage application by clicking on Moms marriage application page. 
  • Print the confirmation page and bring it with you when you come to our office to complete the process. You must arrive by 4:00 pm to ensure the process is completed.
  • Both parties must appear in person together within 10 days of submitting the application online:
    1. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
    2. Applicants must provide proof of identify.

Marriage License Fees

  • The marriage license fee for couples who have completed at least 12 hours of premarital education is $40
  • The fee for the license is $115 if you have not met the premarital education requirements
  • A certified copy of the marriage certificate can be obtained for $9
  • We accept cash, check or credit card.

To qualify for the reduced license fee: 

  • Attend 12 hours of premarital education 
  • Obtain a signed and dated Educator’s Statement printed on the educator’s letterhead certifying that both parties have attended premarital education. 
  • Ensure that the Educator’s Statement is either notarized or under the church seal 
  • Submit the statement when applying for a marriage license. 
  • The premarital education must be provided by a licensed or ordained minister or the minister’s designee, a person authorized to solemnize marriages under section 517.18, or a person authorized to practice marriage and family therapy under section 148B.33. The education must include the use of premarital inventory and the teaching of communication and conflict management skills.