Research Information

Isanti County does not provide an Abstracting research service to the public, nor can we provide legal advice or assist in preparing legal documents per Minnesota Statute 481.01-481.16. 

LandShark is a web-based application for research and retrieval of land record documents at Isanti County. If the document is available on our system, you can view and print the image from your computer.  A single use access fee will be charged of $7, which includes a $2 convenience fee, to your credit card. Each page you view will incur a $.25 charge. 

 An Isanti County Enhanced Remote Access Agreement and Escrow Request Form (PDF) must be signed and returned as well as all applicable fees paid, before remote access service will be granted. Please download the necessary forms as indicated below. If you should have any questions, please call contact our office at (763) 689-1170.