Recording Property Documents

The Isanti County Recorder evaluates, records, protects and preserves all real estate documents in accordance with State Statutes. Some of the most frequently recorded documents include Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Satisfactions, Easements, Liens, and Plats.

All applicable documents can be recorded provided they are in proper form in accordance with State laws and the proper fees are paid. The Isanti County personnel cannot provide assistance in the completion of legal forms, nor does the county assume any liability for persons who attempt to complete legal documentation on their own. If necessary, consult a legal advisor for assistance on types of forms, how to complete forms or for legal advice. Isanti County uses the document standards for property records outlined in Minnesota Statute 507.093.

Checks for recording real estate documents are distributed to different departments. To avoid confusion, separate checks are required for recording fees, state deed tax, mortgage registration tax and real estate taxes (current or delinquent).

  • Record Documents in Person
    Documents can be recorded in person at the Isanti County Government Center. 

  • Record Documents by Mail
    You can mail the appropriate fees and documents to:

Isanti County Recorder
555 18th Ave SW
Cambridge, MN 55008

 Also, please include a cover letter describing the contents, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a contact telephone number if there are questions.

  • eRecording
    This specialized recording method requires specific agreements with a state trusted eRecording vendor. For more information, please contact our office at (763) 689-1781.