Frequently Asked Topics

Property Transfers

Isanti County maintains up-to-date records on each parcel of land in the county to include legal description and current taxpayer. Changes are from real estate documents involving transfers, sales, parcel splits, subdivisions, plats and court judgments.

Before a document can be recorded, verification that document standards are met and that all payments of various taxes have been received according to Minnesota Statutes. 

  • Collection of Mortgage Registration Tax and State Deed Tax
  • Review documents conveying parcels of property for completeness
  • Collect delinquent tax on parcels being conveyed
  • Collect current-year taxes on any subdivision of property prior to conveyance
  • Update tax roll records according to conveyance for fee owner and tax payer
  • Review all subdivision plats in accordance with Minnesota Statute Chapter 505.
  • Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV)