Parent Support Outreach Program

Being a Parent is a big job, and kids don’t come with instruction books. Through the Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP), Isanti County can connect you with help to meet your family’s urgent needs and support you in reaching your goals by connecting you to assistance and support to handle many types of challenges. 

PSOP is a short-term, voluntary program. You, as the parent, decide what you want to work on. Our outreach worker partners with parents who want help to improve their parenting to better meet the needs of their children.  We focus on connecting with community resources that may be of assistance to provide specific kinds of help families want and need.

Families that have benefited from PSOP include residents of Isanti County, with at least one child 10 year old or younger, and interested in:

  • Building stronger relationships with their children
  • Increasing connections within their community
  • Having health and safe interactions 
  • Increasing the knowledge and access to community resources
  • Minimizing or eliminating the effects of chemical use on their families
  • Maintaining or securing stable housing
  • Learning new skills in addressing difficult child behaviors. 

Fillable Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP) Referral Form (PDF)

Please contact Isanti County Health and Human Services at (763) 689-1711 and ask for an intake worker to assist you.