Due Dates and Penalties

Property tax that is less than $100 and all personal property must be paid in full on or before May 15 to avoid penalty. Tax that is greater than $100 may be paid in 2 installments according to the property classification as follows:

Due Dates

Due DateType of Tax/Classification
 May 15First half due residential and agriculural classifications
August 31First half due manufactured homes.  Due in full if amount is $50 or less
October 15Second half due residential classification only.
November 15Second half due manufactured homes and agricultural classifications.

Mailed payments that are postmarked on or before the due date will be accepted as on time

Tax Penalty Rates

If you pay your 1st and/or 2nd half property tax payment after the due dates a penalty will be added. The later you pay, the greater the penalty. Penalty is applied to the unpaid past due balance. This table shows the penalty rate you will pay if your property tax is not paid before the date shown.