Seed Law

Seed Inspections 

Isanti County partners with MDA and conducts seed inspections in March, April, or May each year with local seed dealers and retail facilities to ensure compliance with the Seed Law (PDF) and Plant Variety Protection Act. All seed sold in Minnesota must have a label affixed to the package and meet all requirements of the Seed Law (PDF). The goal of this compliance inspections is to ensure all consumers are receiving quality products and that those products are viable and are noxious weed free products. 

  • What a Label should say? 
    • The Seed label should list what kind of seed is in the container and that it has been tested for germination and that it will develop into a plant. It also shows if any types of weed seeds or contaminants are present in the package. If a seed package is contaminated by a certain weed species it may not be legal to sell in Minnesota. The label should be available to all consumers.