Safety & Rescue

Vision Statement

To become a highly trained and well organized unit in which the Sheriff’s department can call upon to create, maintain, and enhance a safe environment for the citizens of Isanti County.

Mission Statement

Upon activation be prepared to perform all assigned duties in partnership with the Isanti County Sheriff’s Department and other local, regional, state, or national agencies as required.

Safety and Rescue Garage with Doors Open to Reveal Emergency Vehicles
Emergency Vehicles Parked in Front of Safety and Rescue Garage

Become a Member

If you would like to become a member of the Isanti County Sheriff’s Safety and Rescue, please visit the Current Job Opportunities page at Isanti County Employment.

What We Do

Isanti County Safety and Rescue serves Isanti County residents and visitors by assisting the Sheriff’s office with a variety of functions.

Emergency Response

We provide emergency response for:

  • On-site firefighter assistance at fire scenes
  • Road clean up from storm damage
  • Searching for lost persons
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Water/ice rescue and recovery

Other Services

We also assist the department by:

  • Checking building security
  • Homecoming Football Game, etc.
  • Patrolling roads, trails, and waterways
  • Providing security at large events, i.e. Fire on the Rum, Isanti County Fair, Cambridge-Isanti
  • Providing traffic control at emergency scenes and large events
  • Securing crime scenes
  • Other duties as needed