Land Records

At this time, we are asking that you make an appointment for most services in the Recorder’s Office. Please contact the Recorder’s Office at 763-689-1191 for more information

  1. Recording Documents 
  2. Researching
  3. Torrens Documents

General Document Guidelines

  • Checks for recording real estate documents are distributed to different departments. To avoid confusion separate checks are required for recording fees, state deed tax, mortgage registration tax and real estate taxes (current or delinquent)
  • If numerous documents are submitted for recording all the recording fees may be submitted on one check.
  • For a prompt and accurate return of documents, return envelopes are appreciated with all document submissions.
  • Real estate documents are returned to the submitter unless an addressed stamped envelope is submitted with the document for the purpose of returning to a different party or address.
  • To request a document be tracted against a specific real estate parcel, the legal description must be received at the time of recording.  Requests to add legal descriptions at a later date will not be accepted. 
  • To make corrections within a real estate document, use XXX or a solid line to show the error and write or type the correction and initial to identify the person making the correction. Do NOT use whiteout/correction tape.
  • Do not use highlighter on a document to be recorded or filed. 
  • A corrective document needs a reference to the original document number of the statement to be corrected and a statement as to what is corrected. 
  • Blanket assignments need to include legal descriptions.  
  • Isanti County does not have a conservation fee.

Document Standards

Standards for Documents to Be Recorded or Filed - Minnesota Statute 507.093

Recording Fees

County Recorder Fees per Minnesota Statutes Section 357.18:

  • $10.00 for certified copies - flat fee.
  • $2.00 for a non-certified copy of any document submitted for recording, if the original document is accompanied by a copy or duplicate.
  • $46.00 for multiple Satisfactions/Assignments/Partial Releases with 4 document citations or less, and $10.00 additional for each document cited over first 4.
  • $46.00 for recording.
  • $50.00 for well certificate.
  • $56.00 for Plat.
  • Isanti County does not collect a conservation fee.


In accordance with Minnesota Statutes Section 481.02 and in the public interest, we refrain from giving legal advice and preparing documents. For your protection we observe this policy always. We strongly urge you to consult with your real estate attorney if you require this service.

In addition, our office does not have abstractors or researchers available to the public.  Any information provided is a courtesy for reference purposes and does not carry any warranties or fitness for particular use.