Milk Depot

For various reasons, a mother may not always be able to produce breast milk for her baby. Isanti County Public Health’s breast milk depot makes it possible for healthy lactating women who have extra milk to share that gift with an infant in need. Donor milk is often used as a bridge to help nourish premature babies until a birth mother’s milk comes in.

Screening Process

Locally donated milk is dropped off at Isanti County Public Health and will be shipped to the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies. The donated milk is safely screened and pasteurized at the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies and returned to hospitals in the surrounding area. 


Donating moms go through a screening process and blood test before their milk is accepted into the program. The Isanti County Public Health Milk Depot is a collection site only and not a distribution site.

For information on how to donate breast milk see this fact sheet (PDF), visit the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies, or call 763-546-8051.