BIKE Isanti County

The goal of Bike Isanti County is to promote bicycling as a form of transportation by connecting communities to destinations throughout Isanti County.

Goals & Accomplishments

  • Identify existing bicycle trails within Isanti County
    • City of Cambridge and the City of Isanti bike trails
    • The Cambridge / Isanti Bike Trail
    • Trails within Isanti County Parks
  • Identify possible trail connections
  • Provide handout identifying county road system taking into consideration shoulder widths as well as the Average Daily Total (ADT) of vehicle traffic


  • City of Cambridge
  • City of Isanti
  • Isanti County Board of Commissioners
  • Isanti County Highway
  • Isanti County Parks
  • Isanti County Public Health
  • Members of the public that are bicycle enthusiasts
  • North 65 Chamber of Commerce

Resources & Contacts

Bike Isanti County is managed by Barry Wendorf, Isanti County Parks Director and funded by Partners in Healthy Living. For more information, please email Jenae Mettling or call 763-689-8256.