Housing Support

What is Housing Support?

 Housing Support, formerly known as Group Residential Housing (GRH), is a state-funded income supplement for housing (room and board) and housing supports (supplemental services) for eligible seniors or adults with disabling conditions. In order to prevent and/or reduce homelessness or institutionalization, this funding provides financial support for rent, utilities, household needs, and food and/or services for eligible individuals. 

 There are two rates of payment for Housing Support: 

  • Rate 1: Room and Board
  • Rate 2: Supplemental Services Rate

These rates are annually adjusted based on the Federal Benefit Rate of the Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI) program and the SNAP guidelines for an individual. 

Counties are responsible for ensuring a Housing Support Agreement is in place with an authorized provider. In Isanti County, the Health and Human Services Division is responsible for evaluating and approving all Supportive Housing - Housing Support Agreements. 

Settings that can qualify for a Housing Support Agreement can include adult foster care homes, boarding and lodging facilities, supervised living facilities, non-certified boarding care homes, supportive housing establishments, assisted living facilities, and long-term homeless supportive housing. 

The participant, housing unit, and service provider must meet statutory eligibility requirements, before the funds are issued.  If approved for a Housing Support Agreement, payment is disbursed to the provider by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (through ICHHS’ Financial Assistance Division) to the owner/manager of the housing unit on behalf of the eligible person.