Child Care Assistance

Minnesota's Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Your child needs to be well cared for while you are at work or going to school; and as a parent or guardian it is equally important to choose quality, affordable child care.

Minnesota’s Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) can help to make quality child care affordable for income-eligible families. All families will have a copayment based on their gross income and family size.


Child Care Assistance is available to:

Child Care Costs Paid

The Child Care Assistance Program can help families pay child care costs for:

  • Children up to age 12
  • Children with special needs up to age 14

Child care costs may be paid on behalf of qualifying families while they go to work, look for work or attend school. To qualify for CCAP, families must comply with child support enforcement if it is applicable for all children in the family. Care must be provided by a legal child care provider over the age of 18.


To fill out an application and find out if you qualify for any CCAP program, contact:
Isanti County Child Care Assistance
1700 E Rum River Drive S
Cambridge, MN 55008
Phone: 763-689-1711
Fax: 763-689-9877

For more information regarding Child Care Assistance, please refer to the Department of Human Services at 763-689-1711.