Administrative Policies

  1. General Policies
  2. Real Estate
  3. Document Corrections & Guidelines
  4. Checks
  5. Plats

General policies include the following:

  • Customers must arrive by 4 p.m. to apply for a marriage license, birth certificate or death certificate due to the time required in completing the process.
  • Electronic payments are not accepted for any real estate document copies or filings.
  • No photos of any records filed in Isanti County will be permitted.
  • Only cash or electronic payments will be accepted for Marriage License when a 5-day waiver is requested.
  • An over payment of $10 or less will be receipted in as miscellaneous fees.
  • Personal laptops, tablets or storage media cannot be plugged into County Computers.
  • Public records can be viewed in the Isanti County Recorder’s Office.
  • We accept Cash, Check or Electronic payments for Birth, Death and Marriage.