Background Study

Background Studies Information

Minnesota Statute 245C outlines the requirements for background studies in licensed programs. A background check must be completed on all applicants, caregivers, and household members age 13 and older. One may be required for household members age 10 to 12 when there is reasonable cause. A background check is also required if a person will have unsupervised contact with the children in care.

  • Background studies are completed by the Department of Human Services using NetStudy 2.0 system which is a fingerprint based study.
  • Adults who are required to complete a background study will pay a $40 fee for the background study, plus a $9.10 fingerprinting fee.
  • Teenagers (ages 13 – 17) living in the household of the family child care program will be required to obtain a background study based on their name and date of birth ($20 fee). A fingerprint-based study (additional $9.10) will be required if:
    •  The teenager is employed by the provider to assist in the care and supervision of children and/or work directly with children in care (i.e., a paid “helper”);
    • The teenager has lived outside of Minnesota at any time in the last five years;
    • The teenager lives outside of Minnesota;
    • The teenager has a Minnesota criminal record; or
    • There is reasonable cause to believe that they may have a criminal record in another state.