Family Child Care

It’s a Business

Starting a business caring for other’s children as well as your own comes with a lot of responsibility as well as rewards.  Child care is a necessity when parents work.  By starting your own business, you are providing a service to those who are seeking a place for their child to grow, learn, and be nurtured in a safe home environment.

Licensed Homes 

The State of Minnesota requires persons caring for more than one unrelated family to have a license. Minimum standards have been set and are defined in MN Rules Chapter 9502. This rule regulates child care providers in a setting other than a child care center, usually the provider’s residence, for fewer than 24 hours per day.

The Role of the County

The Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has delegated the licensing of a family child care business to counties. Isanti County Family Services (ICFS) is the authorized representative of DHS to license child care providers who live in the county of Isanti. ICFS provides an orientation for those wanting to start a child care business.  After attending the orientation, those who want to move forward with becoming a licensed child care provider will receive guidance from ICFS regarding the process.  ICFS will process the applications, monitor compliance with rules and statutes, and make a recommendation to DHS.  DHS will issue a license once all licensing requirements are met. DHS is the entity which makes decisions regarding licensing and ICFS enforces those decisions.

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