Assessments & Evaluations

  1. Chemical Use/Comprehensive Assessments
  2. Presentence Investigation
  3. Domestic Abuse Evaluations
  4. Psychological Evaluations

Information Sheet (169A.70, 254A.03)

The Court has ordered that you complete a Chemical Use/Comprehensive Assessment” This assessment provides the Court information that identifies if there is a problem associated with your use of chemicals and what level of care could be recommended to address the chemical use. Upon completion of your Comprehensive Assessment a copy must be provided to the Isanti County Probation Department and Court Administration.

The court ordered Comprehensive Assessment may be completed one of three ways. Please follow the guide below to determine which way is best suited for your situation:

Do You Currently Have Health Insurance? 

If yes, continue to Section 1. If no, continue to section 2.

Section: 1

Health Insurance Company

You have the option of contacting your health insurance provider to inquire whether or not your policy covers a Chemical Use/Comprehensive Assessment. It is not necessary that you disclose to your insurance company that this evaluation is court ordered. If funds are available through insurance, you are encouraged to continue to Number 3

Private Provider

You have the option of choosing your own provider to complete your CUA (or your insurance may have a specific provider for you.) On the back side of this letter, you will find a list of local providers. It is your responsibility to:

  1. Contact a provider
  2. Provide them with your insurance information if applicable
  3. Schedule an appointment (within 30 days of your next court date)
  4. Contact your assigned Probation Agent with the appointment date, time, and location
  5. Complete the CUA with the provider
  6. Provide a copy of the completed CUA to both Probation and Court Administration prior to your next court hearing

If you should choose not to use a Private Provider, continue to Section 3.

Section 2: Comprehensive Assessment - For Those Who Do Not Currently Have Health Insurance

Chemical Use Assessments may also be provided by Isanti County Family Services if you meet the minimum financial criteria, are requesting treatment services, and have no other insurance that would pay for the assessment. Contact information for Isanti County Family Services may be found on the back side of this form. If you do not live within Isanti County, you may contact Family Services within your own county of residence to inquire about services. You are responsible for completing all steps (a through f) in Number 3 even if you utilize Family Services.

Section 3: Probation Department

All questions regarding your CUA should be directed to the assigned Probation Officer (see card attached).

Additional Information

It is your responsibility to contact our department at 763-689-3052 for a list of providers if you are choosing a private provider for your CUA or to schedule a CUA screening by our department. The Chemical Use Assessment must be completed by the date as ordered by the Court or no later than three weeks after the date you were ordered by the Court.

Private Assessors/Vendors for Chemical Use Assessments

Please view CUA Private Providers (PDF) to access a list of businesses/person providing services in or around Isanti County.