How to Apply for Services

Who Can Apply?

You may apply for child support services if you are a parent of a minor child, and the other parent is absent from the home, or if you are a parent who pays child support through court ordered income withholding, or you have court ordered physical custody of a minor child that is not your biological child.

General Information

If you are applying for, or are receiving public assistance in Isanti County, your application for child support services will automatically be referred to us. If you would like to apply for non-public assistance child support services, you must complete an application for services.

The applicant is required to pay a cost recovery fee of 2% for full child support services. The 2% is withheld from payments we collect from the payer of the child support obligation. For example, if the child support agency collects $150 in a month, your fee is $3. The amount sent to you is $147.

Obtain an Application

You may contact us at 763-689-1711 to request an application for services or to receive more information.

If you prefer, you may download a copy of the application.

Submit Your Application

Mail the application to:
Isanti County Family Services
Child Support Unit
Oakview Office Complex
1700 E Rum River Drive S
Suite A
Cambridge, MN 55008-2547

You may also drop off the application at our office.