Child Protection Report Process

Ways to Address a Child Protection Report

When a report meets the criteria for maltreatment, there are two ways to address the report with the family - conducting a family assessment or a traditional investigation. Isanti County Family Services has used family assessment response since 2003 and most reports will be assessed using this approach. Traditional investigations are used for reports of endangerment. At the conclusion of the assessment or investigation determinations must be made. In a family assessment, a determination of whether or not services are needed is made. In a traditional investigation two determinations must be made - did maltreatment occur and are services needed. If services are needed in either approach, case management services will be provided to the family to ameliorate the condition that led to the report.

View a Flowchart of the Child Maltreatment Report Process (PDF).


When maltreatment is determined a reconsideration of it can be requested. A request for reconsideration must be done in writing within 30 days upon receipt of the determination letter. The letter must be written to the Director of Social Services. If the reconsideration upholds the original determination, that decision may be appealed to the Department of Human Services.