Mission Statement

To hold juvenile and adult offenders accountable by providing research based supervision, referral to appropriate rehabilitative services and facilitating restorative justice practices designed to prevent future delinquent and criminal behavior in an effort to increase public safety.

Our Purpose

The Isanti County Probation Department administers Adult and Juvenile Probation services for the 10th Judicial District Court. The department completes: 

  • Bail Evaluations
  • Chemical Use Assessments
  • Domestic Abuse Assessments
  • Pre-Sentence Investigations

The department also provides supervision for all juvenile and adult misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenders as ordered by the Court. 

Adult Felony Level Offenders

For Adult Felony Level Offenders contact Isanti County Department of Corrections Probation (DOC) at 763-279-0311.


The Department also provides, monitors, and coordinates programs to meet the needs of offenders. 

  1. Adult Programs
  2. Juvenile Programs

Adult programs include: 

  • Cognitive Restructuring Program
  • Community Service Work
  • Driving with Care Level II Education
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Isanti Release Advanced Planning - Re-entry
  • Pretrial Conditional Release Supervision
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing