Veterans Preference

Preference points are awarded to qualified veterans as defined by Minnesota Statute Section 197.477, and to certain spouses of deceased or disabled veterans subject to the provision of Minnesota Statues Sections 197.447 and 197.455.

Veteran Defined

The veteran must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or resident alien
  • Have received a discharge under honorable conditions from any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and meet one of the following criteria:
    • Served on active duty for at least 181 consecutive days or have been discharged by reason of service connected disability
    • Have completed the minimum active duty requirement of federal law, as defined by CFR title 38, section 3.12a, (i.e., having fulfilled the full period for which a person was called or ordered to active duty by the United States President)
    • Certified service and verification of “veteran status” granted under U.S. PL 95-202

The information provided will be used to determine your eligibility for Veterans’ Preference points. You are required to supply the following information:

  • Attach a copy of the “Member Copy 4” of your DD214 or DD215.  This copy must state the nature of discharge; i.e., honorable, general, medical, under honorable conditions.  (“DD214 “Member-1” copy will not be accepted.)
  • Disabled veterans must also supply a Military/United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs Rating Decision that supports/verifies the fact that the injury was incurred while on, or as a result of, active duty service.  Disability incurred while on, or as a result of, active duty for training purposes does not qualify for disabled veteran preference per Minnesota Statues Sections 197.455 and 197.447.
  • A spouse of a deceased veteran applying for preference points must supply their marriage certificate, the veteran’s “Member Copy 4” DD214 or DD215, USDVA verification that veteran died on or as a result of active duty, a death certificate, verification of their marriage at the time of veteran’s death, and that the spouse has not remarried.

Claiming Veteran Preference

Complete the Claim Veterans’ Preference Form (PDF) only if you are claiming veterans’ preference. Note that a copy of “Member Copy 4” veteran’s DD214 must be attached.

You must submit a photocopy of your “Member Copy 4” of your DD214 or other military documents to substantiate the service information requested on the form. Claims not accompanied by proper documentation will not be processed. For assistance in obtaining a copy of your “Member Copy 4” of your DD214, contact your County Veterans’ Service Office.

How Points are Awarded

Isanti County operates under a point preference system, which awards points to qualified veterans to supplement their application. Ten points are granted to non-disabled veterans on open competitive examinations; fifteen points are awarded if the veteran has a service connected compensable disability as certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA).

Competitive Exam

To qualify for preference for a competitive exam, you must have earned a passing score and been separated under honorable conditions from any branch of the armed forces of the United States after having served on active duty for 181 consecutive days, or by reason of disability incurred while serving on active duty, or after having served the full period called or ordered for federal, active duty and be a United States citizen or resident alien. Veteran’s preference may be used by the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran, who died on active duty or as a result of active duty, and by the spouse of a disabled veteran who is unable to qualify because of the disability.

Promotional Exam

To qualify for preference on a promotional exam, a veteran must have earned a passing exam score and received a USDVA active duty service connected disability rating of 50% or more. For a promotional exam, a qualified disabled veteran is entitled to be granted five (5) points. Disabled veterans eligible for such preference may use the five point’s preference only for the first promotion after securing employment with Isanti County.

Claims must be made on the Claim Veterans’ Preference Form (PDF) below and submitted by the application deadline of the position for which you are applying. If the “Member Copy 4” DD214 is submitted to our office separate from this sheet, please attach a note with it indicating the position for which you are applying and your present address.

Contact Us

Thank you for your military service and for your interest in employment with Isanti County. Please contact our office at  763-689-3859, or the County Veterans’ Service Office at  763-689-3591, if you have any questions regarding Veterans’ Preference.