Property Taxes

Your property tax dollars are split between Isanti County, school districts, cities, and special taxing districts within the county. Each of the taxing districts sets their own levy for their portion of the tax bill.

  1. Estimated Taxes
  2. Property Tax Refund
  3. Pay Your Property Taxes
  4. Due Dates

The taxes include the Isanti County, city/township, school district, and special district portion of the tax bill. The tax calculations do not include any lake improvement district taxes or special assessments. All amounts are estimates; amounts included on tax statements mailed in March 2015 may differ.

The chart displays the estimated taxes on residential homes assessed at the median market value within each city and township for taxes paid in 2014 and 2015. This table does not reflect other classes of property such as agricultural or commercial.

Public hearings on the proposed budgets are held each fall once the Truth in Taxation notices are sent out. Please contact each of the taxing districts individually regarding their portion of the tax bill.

For information regarding the classification or the valuation assigned to your property, please check with the Assessor's Office.