Property Tax Due Dates

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Property Tax Due Dates
Due Date Type of Tax/Classification

May 15

First half due residential and agricultural classifications (excludes manufactured homes).  Taxes due in full if amount is $50 or less.

August 31

First half due manufactured homes.  Due in full if amount is $50 or less.

October 15

Second half due residential classification only.

November 15  

Second half due manufactured home and agricultural classifications.


If a due date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, the due date is the next regular business day.  Otherwise, taxes become past due after the due date.  Payments received by mailed are posted according to the date postmarked by the post office.  Penalty for late taxes will vary depending on classification and the date they are paid.  Please refer to the schedule on the back of the tax statement for information on penalties for late payments.

On January 1st of the year following their due date, unpaid property taxes become delinquent.  A delinquent fee will be assessed in addition to penalties for late payment.


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