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The Isanti County Jail and Work Release are parts of the Isanti County Sheriff's Office.  Isanti County added on to the former jail that was built in 1984. In 2005 the addition was finished.

The former jail housed 39 prisoners.  The new addition has the potential to house 112 prisoners.  In 2006, our jail personnel booked over 2,100 people into our facility.

To help raise revenue for the county, we work to house up to 20 out-of-county prisoners at a rate of $55.00 per day.  The jail consists of male and female prisoners.  We have medium security, maximum security, Work Release (our "Huber" and STS/Sentence to Serve units), and a kitchen.

The jail staff consists of thirty correction officers, one jail administrator, one assistant jail administrator, two sergeants, and two program coordinators.

In 2012 a contract was awarded to the A'viands Food Management company to manage the food service operation in the Isanti County Jail.  The food service staff consists of one full-time Food Service Director and two part-time Cook Supervisors.  On a daily basis the food service staff is augmented by one to two inmate workers.  In 2013 the food service staff prepared 51,981 inmate meals, 4,370 staff meals, and 2,444 bag breakfast/lunches for Sentence to Serve and Work Release inmates.

In keeping with progressive philosophies in modern corrections, the Isanti County Jail offers a variety of voluntary self-improvement opportunities for inmates.  Our jail's program coordinators arrange educational courses, chemical-dependency treatment, and religious service opportunities for inmates.  Some of these programs include G.E.D. classes, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and nondenominational religious services.

Typical inmate cell features double occupancy, stainless steel toilet/sink combination, stainless table, and mirror.

Isanti County allows visitors to come to the jail to see inmates during regular visiting hours, which vary depending on where the inmate is being housed in the jail.  Inmates can also call out of the jail, and citizens can leave messages for inmates by calling a special phone number.

For visiting hours, please visit: www.co.isanti.mn.us/isanti/departments/sheriffs-office/jail/visiting-hours

For information on telephone contact with inmates, please visit: http://www.co.isanti.mn.us/isanti/departments/sheriffs-office/jail/inmate-voicemail

Isanti County ensures that deaf and hard-of-hearing inmates have full and equal enjoyment of its services, privileges, facilities, advantages and accommodations, and it will provide auxiliary aids and services to ensure effective communication with these inmates.  Free sign language and oral interpreters, TTYs and other services are available to deaf and hard-of-hearing inmates.  Ask us for help or contact the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Coordinator for the Isanti County Jail.

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