Notary Commission

Registering your Notary is done at the Recorder's Office

To become a Notary Public in the state of Minnesota, please apply to the Office of the Secretary of State.  You can visit their website by visitng:

Once your new commission, reappointment, renewal or name change has been approved by the Secretary of State and you have received your commission certificate, you must record your commission with your resident county. County contact information for your county of residence is included in the commission certificate instructions. The fee for recording your commission at the county is $20. Failure to register with your resident county may result in a civil penalty fee (usually larger than the county recording fee) imposed by the Commissioner of the Department of Commerce of Minnesota, who is responsible for the enforcement actions pertaining to a notary's misconduct.

To register your Notary Commission with the county, please bring with:

  • Notary Commission card from the Office of the Secretary of State.
  • $20.00 fee.
    • We accept cash, check, or electronic payment (credit/debit card)

To register your Notary Commission by mail, please mail the following:

  • Send Notary Commission card from the Office of the Secretary of State.
  • Check or money order payable to Isanti County Recorder for $20.00.
  • Include both a signature that exactly matches the name appearing on the Notary Commission, as well as a signature in the style normally used to sign.  Both signatures need to be notarized on a white, 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

Please mail to the following address:

Isanti County Recorder
555 18th Ave SW
Cambridge, MN 55008

The same application can be used to change your name on your Notary Commission.  The new card would need to be registered with the same county in Minnesota in which you originally registered.