2018 Find it in the Parks Medallion Hunt Clues

** The Medallion has been found.  Thank you for all who participated in searching! **

** Remaining Unused Clues in Red Below **


8/6/18  Clue #1

You'll have to search all around,

In order to figure out where I am found.

Not sure in what park you should start,

This treasure hunt is not for the faint of heart.


8/7/18  Clue #2

I can be reached any time of year,

My home is not meant for a deer.

Make sure to look outside and within,

Those who are thorough will undoubtedly win.


8/8/18  Clue #3

To have and to hold for rich and for poor,

These words are meant forever more.

If you get tired of searching it might be best,

To sit for a while and take a rest.


8/9/18  Clue #4

Once planted by a 4-H Club,

Good habitat for a mom and a cub.

A few years back there were more trees,

Now I'm home to a lot more bees.


8/10/18  Clue #5

You can see my home from across the lake,

I'll be gone soon for the Wood Duck's sake.

Take the trail around to get within reach,

Knock before entering or you might hear a screech.