Children's Mental Health

Isanti County Family Services provides case management services for eligible residents. A Diagnostic Assessment by a Mental Health Professional is needed to determine if a person is eligible for mental health case management.

Case management services for children with an emotional disturbance are activities designed to help the child with severe emotional disturbance and the child's family obtain needed mental health services, social services, educational services, health services, vocational services, recreational services, and related services in the areas of volunteer services, advocacy, transportation, and legal services. Case management services include assisting in obtaining a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, if needed, developing a functional assessment, developing an individual family community support plan, and assisting the child and the child's family in obtaining needed services by coordination with other agencies and assuring continuity of care. Case managers must assess and reassess the delivery, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services over time.

If you would like to learn more about case management services for children with emotional disturbance, you may call (763) 689-1711 and ask for the mental health intake worker.

Crisis services are available if you or a loved one are overwhelmed by or unable to cope with feelings or relationships and need immediate help, call (800) 523-3333, 24 hours a day, to speak to someone. If you believe someone may be a danger to themselves or others call 911 immediately.