Do I have to live in Isanti County?
Yes, for Isanti County to license you as a foster care provider, you must live in Isanti County. If you do not, you can check with the county that you do live in.

Do I have to live in a house?
No; apartments, mobile homes or condominiums can also be options.

Do I have to be married?

Can I be a single parent?

How old do I need to be?
18 years or older for adult foster care

Can I work outside of my home?

Who pays for the foster care?
There are a variety of different funding sources that pay for foster care depending upon the circumstances. The funding follows the client depending on their need for services/care.

Who pays for the client's medical expenses?
A variety of medical and dental expenses may be provided by Medical Assistance or private insurance. A foster care provider is not responsible for client costs.

Can clients share a bedroom?
Yes, depending on the needs of the client. Bedrooms may be shared with consent of client, but each client needs their own bed.

How long do clients stay in foster homes?
Foster care varies in length, depending on the clients' preferences, circumstances, and needs.